Reuel Meditz is a classical pianist. He has played in venues such asCarnegie Hall. He has also provided music for film. Music in film: Sketch: Collections of a Madman (Vintage Club Stories 2011) - Lead Composer, Ije The Journey (Xandria Productions Nollywood 2010) - Lead Composer, Legend of Hells Gate (Flatiron Pictures, 2010) - Assistant Composer, Lonesome Town (Parker Creek Productions, 2008) - Lead Composer, Crosshairs (Ferro Studios, 2007) - Lead Composer, Playtime (Independent short film, 2009) - Composing, My South My Soul Documentary (Stephen Friend Productions, 2007) - Composer, Awards: Meditz has won several awards for his music including: Solo Performer - GRAMMY Foundation & Hilton Harmony Tour 2006, 1st Place Winner - Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition (Carnegie Hall), 1st Place Winner - DeBose International Piano Competition 2006, 1st Place Winner - United States Open Music Competition 2006, 1st Place Duo and Duet Winner - United States Open Music Competition 2007, 1st Place National - American College of Musicians 2005-07, 1st Place Solo Award - United States Open Music Competition 2007, 1st Place Winner - Kilgore College Bach Piano Festival 2006, Keyboardist & Composer - Intersteller Transmissions (Rock Band) 2007-09

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