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Italian pop singer Renato Zero debuted in 1973 with his album No! Mamma No!; he had released earlier material though, collected on 1982's Via Tagliamento 1965-1970. He released five additional albums during the '70s (including the hits Trapezio, Zerofobia and Erozero) and hit the 1980s in stride with a double-album, Tregua. Zero was even busier throughout the '80s, with a total of eight albums released during the decade, among them Artide Antartide, Identikit, Zero and Voyeur. Though he had experienced a loss in popularity during the late '80s, he returned in full force with two albums during 1991: Prometeo and La Coscienza di Zero. Renato Zero followed up with albums released in each of the four years from 1993 to 1996, including 1994's L'Imperfetto and 1996's Origini. ~ John Bush, Rovi