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Official Site: | @OFFICIALWRAS
Wyclef Refugee All-Star Sound System is owned by Wyclef Jean; multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning artist, producer, humanitarian and a great deal more. Wyclef Refugee All-Star Sound System (also known as WRAS/GRAMMY SOUND) holds the world's most exclusive dub plate catalog; Michael Jackson, Kenny Rogers, Whitney Houston and Lil Kim just to name afew. Many of these exclusive songs are multi-platinum Grammy awarding winning hits.

WRAS has taken the world of juggling by storm combining Reggae, Hip Hop, Country and Zouk, utilizing every genre of music to move crowds and entertain the masses with a difference. What is the difference? The difference is
the interaction with the audiences, which is second to none. The reviews of Patrons and Promoters alike proclaim that the audience becomes part of the
show, at every event.

Wyclef Jean and brother Sedeck Jean handpicked Sean "Da Entertainer" Madhouse (Entertainer/Selecta/MC) in 2003 to head Wyclef's Refugee All-StarSound System. Sean Da Entertainer is one of the world's brightest stars. “Crowd pleaser" is an understatement for "Sean Da Entertainer” who is top Selecta and management for the world-renowned sound system. Our other extremely talented members of the sound system come from various parts of the
world and include DJ Khadafy, Supa Reem, DJ Silver Dolla, Reflex Le Roque and new addition, Emsix.
WRAS is known for being true professionals that will come to your venue, entertain, and leave your patrons wanting more, They display extreme level of talent @ every event, show, party, festival, dance.

"Refugee Sound has taken my vision all over the world." - Wyclef Jean

Promoters and patrons are always ecstatic and entertained; the demand will continue to grow for the Wyclef's Refugee All-Star Sound System aka WRAS/Grammy Sound. WRAS is comfortable in any setting from the Red Carpet to the Heart of Ghetto. Refugee All-Star Sound has played all over the world, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Holland, UK, Bermuda, Antigua, USA, US Virgin Islands/Jamaica and more.