Raimer "RayBop" Mendoza is an emerging indie Hip-Hop Musician/Writer/Composer/Producer from The Bronx, New York. RayBop was born in The Dominican Republic then moved to The United States at the age of 3. RayBop began studying and creating music at the age of 13, He was drawn to Hip-Hop after listening to Nas’ ILLMATIC, Jay-Z’s REASONABLE DOUBT, and Raekwon’s ONLY BUILT 4 CUBAN LINKS.

The emotion and lyricism of those albums had a major impact on RayBop’s writing and creative process, as a musician. After listening to his rhymes, his mother and his friends told him he should take making music more seriously.
Through one of his close friends, his music ended up reaching the ear of Sosa from MVB ENTERTAINMENT. As a musician in the artist development program for MVB Entertainment Music Group (MVBEMG), in early 2012, RayBop released 10 commercial mixtapes, 24 singles, music videos, and made his acting debut in the Taya Simmons directed film "West Side Story"; a movie about West Philly Rapper Tone Trump.

Upon his departure from MVBEMG in 2014, having the information he needed to start his very own corporation, RayBop is now building his own label (Cash Hungry Records).