Raubtier (German: carnivore/predator) is a Swedish industrial metal band from Haparanda. On 25 March 2009 they released their first album Det finns bara krig ("There is only war" in English). However, their first single "Kamphund" had already become a hit on the Swedish radio station Bandit Rock 106,3. On 22 September 2010, the band released their second album, titled Skriet från Vildmarken ("The Scream from the Wild"). Raubtier toured with Sabaton during Sabaton's "World War Tour" in December 2010 which saw them visit several countries in Scandinavia. The members of Raubtier also have another band together, a country rock band called Bourbon Boys who have released two studio albums. Debut album "Shotgun, Trucks & Cattle" released 2012 and "Hail to the Chief" released 25 September 2013. Raubtier released a new single on the 13th of November 2013 called "Qaqortoq" and said that a new album would be released soon. Members: Current members Pär Hulkoff (Atomkraft and ex-Viperine) - Vocals, guitar and keyboard., Jonas Kjellgren - Bass guitar, Mattias "Buffeln" Lind - Drums, Previous members Waylon - Bass guitar, Hussni Mörsare - Bass guitar, Thorbjörn Englund - Bass guitar, Gustaf Jorde - Bass guitar (ex-Defleshed)

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