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Official Site: | @rachelkerrmusic
Rachel brings a dynamic edge to music and has
been making waves in the UK and across the Atlantic.
Her astonishing voice has led her to sing for President
Bill Clinton and to be picked up by the largest urban blog
in the UK ‘SBTV’ and the largest in world ‘World Star Hip
Hop’ were a video of her singing one of her original
songs called ‘Hold my hand’ attracted over 50,000 views
in 24 hours.

Rachel’s music is infectious and also is conscious with
cleverly written content that is applicable to various
interpretations. Rachel is not only a vocal power house,
she is a performer, and she is one of few that know how
to own the stage. Over the past year Rachel has
performed on various stages across the world including
Paris, Los Angeles, Phoenix, New York City and recently
headlined a 20,000 people show in the Caribbean. This
summer she has also done shows for BET in New York.