Quintana is a Spanish surname, associated with: People: Andrés Quintana Roo (1787-1851), Mexican politician, Anxo Quintana (born 1959), Spanish politician, Charlie Quintana (born 1962), US musician, Carlos Quintana (boxer) (born 1976), Puerto Rican boxer, Carlos Morales Quintana (born 1970), Spanish architect and yachtsman, husband of Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark, Carlos Quintana (baseball) (born 1965), Major League Baseball player, Carlos Quintana (footballer) (born 1982), Argentine football defender, Diego Quintana (born 1978), Argentine footballer, Dionisio Quintana (born 1957), Cuban javelin thrower, Gretchen Quintana (born 1984), Cuban heptathlete, Ismael Quintana (born 1937), Puerto Rican singer, Janelle Quintana (born 1989), Filipina actress, José Quintana (born 1989), Major League Baseball player, Manuel José Quintana (1772-1857), Spanish writer, Mario Quintana (1906-1994), Brazilian writer, Nairo Quintana (born 1990), Colombian racing cyclist, Sebastián Quintana (born 1983), Uruguayan/Qatari footballer, Fictional characters Jesus Quintana, a character in the film The Big Lebowski, portrayed by John Turturro, Places: Quintana Municipality in São Paulo, Brazil, Quintana, Texas, United States, Quintana Roo, a state in Mexico, Estadio Quintana Roo, a football stadium in Quintana Roo, Sports: Quintana Roo Tigres, a Mexican baseball team, Academia Quintana, a Puerto Rican football team, Quintana Roo (company), a company that produces time trial bicycles mainly for triathlons, Other uses: Quintana Roo Speleological Survey of Quintana Roo, Mexico, Bartonella quintana, an illness

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