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Official Site: | @qniqueizreal
Born Quinesha Houston, the artist formally known as Qnique has been serious about music for the last 10 years. "Back in the gap" as she would say it, “we would take pencils and pens to make a beat. From there, we would freestyle for hours back and forth about anything that came to mind. Punch lines and delivery came natural to me, so I always set the expectation that I was going to dominate.” And dominate she did, “That's when I knew I had a passion for music."

The back of a school bus in Huntsville, Texas wasn’t the only arena in which she found valuable perspective. Qnique's grandfather, late John L. Gilbert, played in a gospel band "The Chosen Spiritual 6" which also influenced her to pursue music. He traveled from city to city performing while she and her grandmother followed him for support; thus, the reality of what it would take for music to translate to profit was ever present from a young age. It was also during this time that she began to take piano lessons, eventually developing her ability to play by ear after the untimely passing of her instructor.

Soon her talents would gain the attention of her peers who were in awe of the skill level she portrayed when writing and composing songs for other artists as a hobby; however, it wasn’t until she recorded her first 16 bar verse as a feature on a song with local artist and relative T-Tite that she finally began to receive noticeable attention from individuals outside of her immediate circle.

“The feedback I received from that first 16 was a bit of a shock, especially looking back because I have progressed so much since then, but it was undeniably a milestone in the evolution of my career”. This was an exciting development that would lead to early collaborations with local independent label Prison City Productions. From the onset it was evident that Qnique’s star power would be a valuable asset to the labels soon to release mixtape. In a matter of days she managed to work herself into several features on the mixtape which was presumed complete prior to her arrival.

Shortly after the release of that mixtape her career would take another progressive turn when her first live performance stole the show at a local showcase in Houston, Texas. The days following were filled with phone calls and emails from various local labels and their representatives. In the end Qnique felt that the best direction for her at the time was to move forward with G.T. Entertainment, whose C.E.O. Gabe Adams hoped to ink a deal with his first female artist. Though the relationship would prove to be short lived, much industry knowledge and experience was gained through the release of her debut solo mixtape “Da Bottoms Top” (2007) and sophomore mixtape “Da Bottoms Still Top” (2008); both generating a considerable buzz in East Texas.

Following a two year hiatus, Qnique would eventually return in 2010 to self-release her third mixtape “The Unexpected”. A sub-par response from a dwindling fan base forced her to take some additional time away from the market to re-evaluate her career.

Through much deliberation she concluded the only viable option to be the complete development of a functioning product that would suffice her self-proclaimed standards. In late 2012 Qnique began assembling a team of trusted professionals from inside the industry and out, to assist in the development of a brand that would best represent the insightful lyricist who derives from such humble beginnings.

- A brand that holds true to her values as an artist and an individual.

- A brand that her following can invest and believe in.

- A brand that keeps it real while others choose to sell out.

In a world full of uncertainty there will always be one thing you can count on: Qnique……….iz………….Real

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