"Their grandiose themes paint the sky, and all that's left to do is lie back and admire the view" - SOUNDS UK, 1986

Psyche are explorers of humanity. Utilizing all the facets of their synthesizer based Pop, they interpret their world view with lyrics of passion, confusion, despair, and the curiousness of human nature. Originating as a Canadian synth based brother duo, Psyche surrounds their dramatic lyrical soundscapes with a touch of goth atmospherics, and crafty drum machine grooves . Vocalist Darrin Huss has continued on this path with various partners now for just over 25 years.

Best known for their hits "Unveiling The Secret", "Eternal", "Misery", "Sanctuary", "15 Minutes", and their world renowned version of Q Lazzarus' "Goodbye Horses" (which first became famous by its appearance in the movie "Silence Of The Lambs").

To date, Psyche has released 11 full length albums, several compilations, and a DVD entitled "Imaginary Life" which includes video and live appearances spanning the formative years from as early as 1983 up to 2005.

Over the last two decades, Psyche has performed as far an wide outside of their home country as cities in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Poland, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Bulgaria, and all of Scandinavia. Next year they will be appearing for the first time ever in Portugal.

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Darrin Huss - vocals, samples, fx and at various times the following musicians:

Stephen Huss - synths, sequences, etc.
David Kristian - synths, sampling
Per-Anders Kurenbach - synths, programming
Remi Szyszka - machines, and electronics
Stefan Rabura - live keyboards