More than just a history experiment, Prototype 909 focuses on making forward-looking techno using mostly early-'80s synthesizers, like the Roland TB-303 and TR-808. Disdaining most MIDI setups, Taylor Deupree (aka Taylor 808), Dietrich Schoenemann and Jason Szostek usually opt to compose their music on the fly, both at live appearances and on recorded works. The trio debuted in 1993 with Acid Technology for Instinct, while Transistor Rhythm and Joined at the Head followed at two-year intervals. The relaxed schedule is due in part to the fact that Prototype 909 is more of a side project than a regular band; Deupree also works as Human Mesh Dance and with the groups S.E.T.I. and Futique, while Schoenemann has X-Out and Szostek appears with BPMF and Decameron. Both Schoenemann and Szostek also record for Disko B as Rancho Relaxo. ~ John Bush, Rovi