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From within the heart of Portland, friends Brandon Rush and Kyle Dieker reconnected in 2007 after going their separate ways from their bachelor pad days. Brandon had become a journeymen farrier, and Kyle was working as a special education instructor in the public school system. Drawn together by their deeply rooted musical proclivities and poetic tendencies, they put it all together in the neoteric arrangements that define the band Priory.

Too aware of vague stereotypes and overused labels, the men of Priory set out to create an entirely different experience for ears, hearts and minds. The result is a sound rooted in colorful storyteller pop hooks infused with the high energy of electronic instrumentation. Tight, eclectic vocal harmonies bring a complex charge to their bold, yet delicate anthems.

After bursting onto the Portland music front in 2010, Priory drew the attention of Anthony McNamer, who soon signed the band to his label, Expunged Records. In 2011, Priory released their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album. High praise came from home and abroad for the band’s tendencies toward dynamic arrangements and polished production, with many critics predicting prodigious success for the band. Priory’s devoted audience grew across the US in the months that followed. Notably sharing the stage with fan favorites Foster the People, Youth Lagoon, Colour Revolt and the Bar Brothers (to name a few). Widespread touring lead to the bands feature in Oregon Public Broadcasting’s LIVEWIRE! radio, tv shows and radio stations across the US.

With growing notoriety within Portland and the northwest, Brandon and Kyle are able to use the band as a platform to speak for others who may not be able to speak for themselves. Priory signed on to work with local non-profit JustOne, which works to put an end to the growing industry of sex trafficking. Priory is also included with The Shins and Blitzen Trapper in a compilation CD produced and distributed by local restaurant Burgerville. Sales from the CD will go towards the Sunshine Division, who’ve been providing emergency food and clothing relief to Portland families and individuals in need since 1923.

Earlier this year, Brandon and Kyle and Anthony worked together to open and begin operations at Loud War Studios, located in the old Portland Cement building in the shadows of the Hawthorne bridge. There the band has been determinedly working on their new album, which proves to be a colossal expansion of the sound and complexity of Priory’s music thus far, including a significant increase in the amount of electronic-infused orchestrations. An undeniable buzz can already be heard around Portland based on a few select demos from the new album, set to be released in January 2013. Priory will spend the second half of 2012 touring heavily to promote the new album, both nationally and internationally.