German rapper Friedrich Kautz has used a multitude of aliases, most prominently Prinz Porno and, from 2005 onward, Prinz Pi. A prolific MC with a humorous, irreverent approach to storytelling, Kautz -- also known as Doc Murdock and Doc Mabuse, among other colorful names -- released a daunting quantity of material throughout the 2000s and first half of the 2010s. Among his most notable releases during this period were the albums Teenage Mutant Horror Show (2005), !DonnerwetteR! (2006), Teenage Mutant Horror Show II (2009), and Rebell Ohne Grund (2011). He began the latter half of the 2010s with PP=MC² (2015), which wasn't received as warmly as his most popular releases that preceded it. ~ Andy Kellman, Rovi