Preston Leatherman

If Jason Mraz had a child with Maroon 5 and Michael Jackson was the Godfather...he would be Preston Leatherman

22 year old. Singer. Songwriter. Dancer. Entertainer. Second Rate Comedian. All of these and more describe rising Nashville Singer/Songwriter Preston Leatherman. What is it that keeps fans all over the world sharing his videos across the internet?

Between his unique live shows, ever growing fan base, millions of YouTube views, and groundbreaking music, Preston Leatherman is a name that you will surely be hearing more over the next few years.

To set himself apart from the crowd, Preston took to YouTube with an onslaught of videos showcasing everything from his music to his personality and from this, gained worldwide exposure after his YouTube series "Dancing With an iPod in Public" went viral. OVER 14,500 subscribers and 3,900,000 views in less than a year! The mass media attention (Good Morning America, Inside Edition, Huffington Post, CBS News) not only brought new YouTube subscribers, but new listeners/fans of his music.

With a continually growing fan base and his music being featured on shows such as ABC Family's "The Lying Game", Preston took to the studio to record a groundbreaking album "The Departure" released 11-12. First single/video is close to 120,000 views on youtube.

But what truly sets Preston apart from the crowd is his live performances. Understanding that connecting with the audience is half the battle, this truly entertaining entertainer finds ways to include the audience (whether big or small) into his act. His unique use of the loop pedal (switching between multiple instruments during the same song), clever transitions between original tunes and covers, and rocking/fast finger piano solos have been thrilling audiences for the past year while traveling on the national college circuit.

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