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Playhouse is a common Elizabethan term for a theatre, especially those built in London such as The Globe and The Rose. It is also used as the name for theatres today: Contents 1 Australia, 2 Canada, 3 Denmark, 4 United Kingdom, 5 United States, 6 Other uses, 7 See also, Australia: Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide Festival Centre, The Playhouse Theatre (Perth), a theatre located in the CBD of Perth, Western Australia, The Playhouse, The Arts Centre, The Playhouse, Sydney Opera House, Canada: The Playhouse (Fredericton), a non-profit organization venue for hosting local talent acts and touring performers located in downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, Denmark: The Royal Danish Playhouse or Skuespilhuset, the main stage for dramatic theatre under The Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen, United Kingdom: The Playhouse (Cheltenham), Cheltenham is a community theatre in Cheltenham, United Kingdom. It is a registered charity and has been run by volunteers since 1957, Playhouse (Sleaford), a theatre in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, Edinburgh Playhouse, a former cinema in Edinburgh, Scotland which now hosts touring musicals and music concerts, Epsom Playhouse, a 406-seat theatre playing host to a variety of entertainments such as opera, dance, drama, comedy, and pantomime. In the summer, the theatre hosts a summer film series, Liverpool Playhouse, a theatre in Williamson Square in the city of Liverpool, England, Newcastle Playhouse, now known as the Northern stage theatre in Newcastle, England, Nottingham Playhouse, a theatre in Nottingham, England. It was first established as a repertory theatre in the 1950s when it operated from a former cinema. Directors during this period included Val May and Frank Dunlop, Oxford Playhouse, a 1938 independent theatre in Beaumont Street, Oxford, opposite the Ashmolean Museum, Playhouse Theatre, London, The Playhouse, Weston-super-Mare, a 664 seat theatre in Weston-super-Mare, England that hosts a largely entertainment based programme of shows all year round including opera, ballet, comedy, music and pantomime performances, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds, Whitley Bay Playhouse, United States: Blackfriars Playhouse at the American Shakespeare Center, Staunton, Virginia, Geffen Playhouse of the University of California, Los Angeles, La Jolla Playhouse at the University of California, Pasadena Playhouse, the state theatre of California, Playhouse on the Square in Memphis, Tennessee, Ridgefield Playhouse in Connecticut, Lewis Family Playhouse in California, Westport Country Playhouse in Connecticut, Other uses: Playhouse may also refer to: The Playhouse (film), a 1921 film written and directed by Buster Keaton, The Playhouse (radio show), a syndicated radio show based out of Portland, Oregon, Pee-wee's Playhouse, an American children's television show that ran from 1986 to 1990, ITV Playhouse, UK comedy-drama TV series that ran from 1967 to 1983, Playhouse Records, the label founded by Jim Copp and Ed Brown, "Playhouses", a song by TV on the Radio from their 2006 album Return to Cookie Mountain, Wendy house (or playhouse), a small house for children to play in

Source: Wikipedia

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