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Piney Gir (pronounced as in "gear" or "grrr") is a female American musician and singer, born in Kansas and now based in London, England. Musical career: Encouraged by her parents to learn the piano from the age of four, she wrote her first song at the age of nine. Having earned a degree in music, she moved to England in 1998 to work in a cocktail bar and do some studying at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Previously a member of the duo Vic Twenty, she released her debut solo electronica album, Peakahokahoo, in 2004 on UK label Truck Records (and licensed to Greyday Records for release in North America). Produced by electro duo A Scholar And A Physician the album featured Simple Kid, Trademark, The Black Madonnas and the backing singers from Erasure. Whilst most of the tracks were original compositions it also featured a distortion heavy cover of "My Generation" by The Who. The album was extensively toured, including a slot supporting Erasure on a month long European tour, and she recorded a session for DJ Mark Radcliffe on Radio 2. For a period at this point she was also a member of cult indie girl-group The Schla La Las (now disbanded). Whilst touring the album she decided to try playing country versions of her songs because she was offered a gig supporting an American band and her electro-chanteuse style didn't fit the bill. This led to the formation of The Piney Gir Country Roadshow, and the release of the country album Hold Yer Horses. The album contains new versions of five songs previously released on Peakahokahoo: Nightsong, Girl, Boston, Que Sera Sera and Greetings, Salutations Goodbye. Hold Yer Horses was selected as one of the top five albums of 2006 by Phill Jupitus in his music column for the Radio Times magazine, stating that "the stomp and twang of these songs of love and life are unmissable". She then released a folktronic album, The Yearling on Hotel Records in 2009 followed by her 2nd Country Roadshow album, Jesus Wept on London indie label Damaged Goods in 2010 Her latest album Geronimo! was recorded in early 2011 in Los Angeles with producer Rob Campanella and was released in October 2011 on Damaged Goods. Piney is currently working on her 6th album with Garo Nahoulakian in her Hackney Downs studio which she affectionately refers to as Sugar Town Studios and has been working with Andy from Stereolab in his South London studio to complete the album.

Source: Wikipedia

Text from this biography licensed under creative commons license