Piers Faccini started out as a painter writing music on the side and then he ended up writing songs and painting on the sly. If his songs were maps he'd want them to stretch from the English moors to the Saharan dunes via the plains of the Mediterrannean.
After leaving Art school and drifting for a while he started a band in London in the nineties called Charley Marlowe with performance poet Francesca Beard but from 2002, he started releasing albums under his own name.
He's now on his fifth solo album "Between dogs and wolves" released on his own label Beating Drum.
He has collaborated with many wonderful artists and musicians over the years, amongst them, Vincent Segal, Ballake Sissoko, Ben Harper, Ibrahim Maalouf and Rokia Traore. He has recently produced albums for Dom la Nena and Gnut.