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Phantom Limb are an English country/soul band from Bristol, England. The band was formed as a "christmas present" to themselves after recording material written in Rockfield Studios. The band has toured extensively and released two studio albums and one live album. The band members all work in the music industry as players, producers and writers. Although this is a point of interest for journalists, the band tend to not answer questions about their other work, stating "this band has to exist, we all have to eat but we also have to make music for the sake of making music and this is the real stuff." Their self-titled debut was recorded at Rockfield Studios, produced and mixed by Robot Club, released in 2008. There was a four-year gap between this and the second album The Pines. Produced by Marc Ford and recorded at the Compound Studio in Long Beach, CA. On 17 January 2013 their record company, Munich Records, announced that Phantom Limb had split up. no details were given. Yolanda has recently been working with Ginger Wildheart on songs which feature on his G.A.S.S. project.

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