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| @merviltonrecord
Floridian artist Patrick J. Albritton has been a songwriter for over 30 Years. Amassing a wealth of experience as a live musician and vocalist. In his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. He has worked with many big name in the film and tv music business. Giving his songwriting skills ability. Solid commercial appeal and great functionality for a variety of productions. Patrick writes country And R & B genres. Utilizing both male and female vocalist for his diverse tracks. Be sure to check out his great authentic country tune "I Know This Girl". In the world of Country and R&B music, the artist must be able to be innovative, creative, original, ambitious, versatile, and dedicated. He has the God given talent to any level. These are just a few of the traits that describe Patrick J. Albritton. Patrick has been perfecting his craft a very young age. He has become an unstoppable force writing songs for a very long time.

Patrick J. Albritton has a warm, with an edgy feel to his hip hop music feature with some awesome incredible musical arrangements, making a perfect for a contemporary Country/R&B type themed TV/Film and Commercial Projects.