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How does one attempt to describe an individual who possesses such raw talent, intellect, and an undeviating drive for success? Even his name Moises Morales, depicts a man who is a true leader of his time, where there is no doubt that this MC, Vocalist, Producer, & Model will rise to the top of the entertainment industry! On October 18th in the 1980's, a quadruple threat was born, and it's only a matter of time before he is discovered by the mainstream! Moises graduated from College with a degree in Music Engineering Technology, where he was an active member of the Music Society, and received continuous recognition on the National Deans List. He has been certified by NASM & NFTA as a professional Personal Trainer as well as in CPR by the American Red Cross & the American Heart Association, and he has also received his NYS Security License. As a model, he has been published in the "United Colors of Benetton" catalog as well as by "BSIXTEE6"; he's graced the cover of "URBAN LUX MAGAZINE", & was the 2012 - 2014 Face of both Latin Lover Energy Drink & L.E.S. Clothing Co.! All this, & Moises is also the CEO of his own company L.E.S.G.O. Entertainment, Inc.

In the music world, I'm sure you've heard the name Papi Shank, or CAPITAL, or Mr. RMX these are just a few of Moises' aliases. Being both an MC & a vocalist, Papi Shank depicts himself as "The SUM of Both Worlds". It is apparent that music has always been an essential part of his life. When asked what music means to him, P.S. replied, "Music speaks to my soul, and my soul speaks through music". He began writing, recording, and producing his own music and lyrics in his early teens, where now his rhymes and melodies can compete with most anyone in the industry, if not surpass them! Papi Shanks Street buzz ranges from N.Y. to Massachusetts, Texas to Florida, even across seas, and his Internet buzz has grown and continues to grow domestically & internationally! Papi Shank has had "airplay" on many major radio stations, such as: Power 105.1FM in NYC, 93.3FM in Binghamton, NY, 89.1FM & 93.1FM in Ottawa, CANADA & in FLORIDA on Power 96.5FM, X-102.3FM as well as on 89.1FM, Miami's #1 underground station, just to name a few! His music videos have aired on several public access shows across the US, as well as the 2nd largest Spanish network in the world TELEMUNDO! You can even view footage of his live performances in Ibiza, Spain where he toured for two months! Not only was he the headlining act, but also the first hip-hop/R&B act to grace the stage at the number one club in the world, Amnesia! Papi Shanks work has been featured on various mixtapes internationally distributed from well renowned disc jockeys such as DJ Envy (Hot 97.1 [NY]), The WorldFamous DjEM (La Fiesta 98.5FM [Long Island]) & Party 100.9FM [Fl.], DJ Relapse, DJ Silver Surfer, and DJ Locorious. He has collaborated with several mainstream artists & producers such as Rapitfly (Germany), and Chuck Dogg (X102.3 [Fl.] & Power 105.1 [NY]). Currently, P.S. is working on multiple projects including: the "Audio Sex" album & "Shank" Pt. 2 of his much-anticipated solo album (The SUM of Both Worlds), "Papi" Pt.1 which was released on 11/1/11 & is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, etc. & has been picked up by Pandora with his Music Videos on VEVO! Both parts boast a variety of sounds, and display his skills as both a vocalist and exceptional lyricist.

Papi Shank proudly spends a large portion of his time working with and developing his team of Artists, Producers, Songwriters, DJs, and Dancers. L.E.S.G.O. Ent. is a definitive movement that caters to all elements of the game. This widely versatile team delivers an outstanding package where music and performing have NO limitations! His team, otherwise known as DA' BOMB describes Papi Shank as a dedicated knowledgeable leader, who always puts his team first. They are inspired by him, and honored to work by his side. P.S. & L.E.S.G.O. have released 4 Albums, 8 Mixtapes, & 12 Music Videos to date! L.E.S.G.O. is surely a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. With one foot in the door, his entire team by his side, and the sixth borough on their backs, not only is L.E.S.G.O. a marketers dream, they are literally walking money! Stay tuned for more from L.E.S.G.O. and be sure to check out

Being of Puerto Rican, Dominican, & Cuban decent, and growing up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, Papi Shank has gained the street smarts and common sense to survive, plus it showed him that it takes more than heart and talent to be successful in this industry. With the passion of an Artist, the vision of a Producer, the ear of an Engineer, & the will of a Soldier, Papi Shank, a Renaissance man if you will, is sure to transcend today's Latin market and revolutionize the role of Latino artists in the Hip-Hop, R&B & Pop cultures. He has the mindset of a businessman and the creative juices of a true Artist. This MC, Vocalist, Songwriter, Lyricist, Producer, and Model is the Libra that is going to tip the scales in the entertainment industry! For photos, videos, music, ringtones & more visit & be sure to join Papi Shanks Fan Club & follow @PapiShank on all Social Media Sites to be notified of his upcoming shows & appearances!