WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!!! TAKING FIRE!!! REPEAT!!! TAKING FIRE ATTENTION this message will self-destruct in t-minus 5 minutes and 32 seconds. I REPEAT:

ATTENTION!!! , all Followers, who will join the RESISTANCE, report to PaperSt. Babylon Immediately. REPEAT**** REPEAT**** REPEAT

All remaining survivors report to Ground Zero, PaperSt. Babylon. We are CODE RED. Verses have collapsed, hooks are mangled, and imagination is pinned against SLAUGHTER MOUNTAIN.

[5 Minutes LEFT]

(the report has made it to the foundation… PaperSt. Babylon)

“Is this thing on?” Okay let’s make this quick… The year is 2032, and music, as we know it, has come to an end…

The war is over. Bullets and bombs have severly crippled technology throughout the country. Music, again, has become an art of expression and not a validation of ego or an over indulgence in decadence. Top 40 Popular Music is a thing of the past. Publishing no longer exists. Record labels, gone. A&R reps have vanished. Music videos have been replaced with live shows where no one is guaranteed to make it out alive.

Despite the apocolypse and immediate need to find food, there is a creative need to establish the new foundation of music in this new environment. Money exists but it bears no value. If you’re looking, then PaperSt. Bablyon WILL FIND YOU.


At the core of this music foundation are Michael A. Lord, aka, The Rebel Yell and his band, PaperSt. Babylon. An untraceable, constantly moving central hub where music takes presidence and soothes a weary soul. A solid unit working together, Rebel Yell, {vocals, composition} The Doctor {Bass, producer} and Hatch {guitars, production} expose the mases to their new sound. Their breakthrough album SouthernCaliFuturistic is the soundtrack of life in these turbulent times.

Distinct, honest, and apocalyptic, PaperSt. Babylon embodies a consciousness that captivates the curiosities of music lovers. The music expressed, offers a rooted message rarely seen in Popular Culture. No longer is it relevant to rap, rhyme, or sing about luxuries of life. Cars are obsolete, gasoline is scarce, and the hope for a better future is lost on the struggle to survive. The focus of music’s content shifts from the practice of bragging about material comforts to the art of describing the struggle to survive when all the chips are down. REPORT IMMEDIATELY.


Sucka captures the essence of the initial days after the war. Mike says it was the first song recorded; A chilling sober song about the devaluation of money. Money existed, but it had no value. It’s interesting to see the animalistic nature that dwells in people regarding money.” I don’t wanna go out like no sucka, cause silly ass brothers and mothers killing each other for a Quarter… I’m never turning back so I’m never gonna fade away.” Mike Lord, aka Rebel Yell, reveals a bit of backstory regarding this song, “ After it all went down and I knew monetary value was gone, I watched people, fight over it. My family, my friends, everyone that was still alive couldn’t get over the fact that money, was worthless…”

Frenemy- The old adage is true even in future times---trust no one.” With friends like that I don’t need enemies.” According to Rebel Yell, “what’s great about having nothing, is when you finally get something, you know who your friends are and who is just along for the ride. Well if you didn’t know it, there’s a name for that and it’s called, FRENEMY…Wrote a song about it…wanna hear it? Here it go…”

With raw, up-tempo, Hip-Hop beats and meticulous blend of Rock, Dubstep and Soul, PaperSt. Babylon is driven by creative passion, life experience, and a sense of legacy. This combination accents a unique writing style that collectively motivates listeners to dig deeper in the music that they might’ve been listening to.


Gone are the days when music played a role in creating so much status and money. Music, once again, is a part of the Resistance to greed and materialism. When we utilize a different approach to music, void of materialism, status and down right SOULESSNESS, we easily embrace PaperSt. Babylon as they lead this MOVEMENT. Find them, if you can, but approach with CAUTION. OH!!! AND DON’T FORGET TO-