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Aaron Charles Wills (stage name: P-Nut), (born June 5, 1974 in Indianapolis, Indiana) is an American musician, bassist for the band 311, and music producer / bassist for band Hollows Follow. Background Wills is the bassist and the youngest member of the American rock band 311. He is the son of an Air Force / Vista Care Hospice chaplain. Before joining 311, he had a job as a dishwasher at Shoney's for one week. P-Nut played violin before the bass guitar. P-Nut was quoted saying that John Norwood Fisher has influenced him into Warwick bass guitars. He plays his signature Warwick Stage II, 5 String bass guitars through a SWR Amplification System. P-Nut is also a strong supporter of the Los Angeles Lakers, often wearing their jerseys while playing shows. When 311 took a short break after their 2006 Summer Unity Tour, P-Nut started playing with a band named Hollows Follow. He made his debut as a music producer and released the band's first full-length album First Birthday June 2007. Along with producing and playing bass guitar for Hollows Follow, P-Nut has recorded the violin, upright bass, and various percussion instruments. On January 1, 2012, Wills, along with fellow 311 (band) bandmate SA Martinez released the first album from their side project GhostWolf, entitled Lunar Halos.

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