Other Noises is new wave rock band of the modern rock, its fresh but created on experience of the musical world scene of the last years. Band lives under the influence of various styles which were processed in own genre. Other Noises is continuing traditions of the best. The soul of the classical rock which has been a forgotten in Russia needs rejuvenation and restoration by a mixing with the trend musical ways. Other Noises make music in native language of rock – in English, and they proud of this despite of attacks of musical critics and other bands.

Other Noises is on way of formation of the following generation of rock groups. Band doesn't simulate sound of rock bands of last or present years. ON is trying to create something new by mixing a lot of styles, riffs and vocal.

Other Noises have not been deprived of own charisma. Armed with Jimi Hendrix riffs, positive eccentrical mood of Red Hot Chili Peppers, feeling of a scene of Mick Jagger, having taken aggressive riff lyrics of Guns N' to Roses, Ni?kelback density e.t.c.