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Biography for my foreign friends.
My name is Øyvind Tangerud. I am a songwriter and musician
from Norway. They say that I was singing in tune before I could walk. If this was my parents dream or the truth, is difficult to say.One thing is certain; music has always been a dominating part of my life. My first musical instrument was a harmonica. Every sunday I played with my father.The first guitar came in to the house the year I was ten years old. From that moment the guitar was my instrument. I tried the trumpet in the school days, and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to play solo with my school band in N.R.K.`s radio studio. In the teens I stopped playing the trumpet, but my guitar was still a dear friend. The Beatles, Eric Clapton,Jeff Beck and BB.King was the reasons for that. As the time went on I joined a garage band. In the high school I came in contact with a band that had been on the road for a while. They where young guys and had started when they were 12 years old. They were Norway's youngest band. I joined the band when I was 16 years old. We were traveling around and played on youth centers in Oslo. In the summer we trawled round in the south of Norway and played. My musical tastees have changed over the years. Now I like Swing jazz, Bebop, Django Reinhardt, Barny Kessel, Joe Pass and after some time, new guys came along. George Benson, Robben Ford and Larry Carlton. All of them were important to me. I have been in two big bands in Ski, my hometown. A great learning period for me. I have been writing music for many years now, please have a listen on this page,visit my homepage or Reverb Nation and let me know what you think?