ORBO & The Longshots is a rock & roll band from Bergen, Norway. The band was established in the year 2000 by singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer Ole Reinert Berg-Olsen aka ORBO. After ten years of endless driving, wet asphalt and band car on high octane band has learned the craft from the ground. To date, they have released 6 albums, and won the Norwegian equivalent to the American Grammy Award, Spellemannsprisen for their 2008 album "High Roller". The bands' releases can be found on Blue Mood Records / Grappa and Columbia. Line up: Ole Reinert Berg-Olsen aka ORBO, Ine Tumyr, Reidar F. Opdal, Stian Tumyr, Paul Inge Vikingstad, Honors: Spellemannprisen 2008 in the class Blues

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