Some college kids go to Florida on the winter break. Others sit around the house and play video games for two weeks. But the members of Brooklyn, NY band On The Fifty spent their January break realizing a dream: they got their musical hero to produce their record. The hero is Anthony Raneri, frontman of the Queens, NY punk band Bayside, and the 5 song E.P. Raneri produced for On The Fifty is entitled “Fast Hands, Bad Timing”. Given the age of the band (all 21 years and under) It’s surprising how epic, how involving both the music and lyrics are on “”Fast Hands, Bad Timing”. Raneri’s visceral production techniques give the songs a lingering urgency. Standout tracks include “Even If It Kills”, “The Future”, and “Things Get Wet In The Ocean”. On The Fifty’s “Fast Hands, Bad Timing” is a record for anyone who’s spend an aimless night driving around their neighborhhood, looking for something to do, and wondering what their future will be.

On the Fifty is:
Tim Dolan: Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Tom Dambro: Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
John “Turk” Kantar: Bass and Backing Vocals
Anthony Imperato: Drums

Lyrics by Tim Dolan and Tom Dambro
Music By On The Fifty