Born in a small town in southwestern Louisiana Ollie Gabriel is bringing soul and realness back into pop music. His style is influenced heavily by rock and gospel but he takes it to a next level with his soulful vocals and urban concepts. “I’ve always wanted to make music that stood out from the pack [my own lane], that everyone could dig, I feel confident now that i’ve found that space”. A true artist,skilled in piano,guitar,percussion,and brass instruments- Ollie Gabriel has been singing and playing instruments since he was 8 years old. Now at 26, He writes songs about love, heartbreak, following your dreams, and the current state of the world. It is not often that a producer or writer can transition genres with an unbelievable ease, but his versatility is one of the many things that set him apart from other triple threat artist in the game. Ollie Gabriel is currently writing and producing for major placements, composing for commercials, TV and feature films, as well as creating songs for his debut album. He recently released an EP entitled “Days Like This” with MTV/Sony’s HYPEMUSIC.COM, available on itunes.