“of Verona is perfectly dark futuristic electro-rock soaked with brooding and swirling melodies that wrap around your brain with a relentless musical hold” -- Kick Kick Snare

"The band blends electronica with a timeless take on alternative pop and forward thinking production, making music that could score a soundtrack to a film that takes place in the not-too-distant future. While innovating the electro-pop genre, instantly catchy opening song Castles sets the tone for The White Apple." -- iTunes Official Editor Review

“If you like melodic rock and roll with great female vocals like Florence & The Machine, you’ll definitely dig of Verona.”
– MTV Buzzworthy

“I expected of Verona to come out with a strong debut, but “The White Apple” is more than just strong. It’s a challenge to anyone out there, as if to say “This is 2012, this is the future of music. Now let’s see what the rest of you can do.” -- Lemonade Magazine

“It has been said in the past that some bands create a wall of sound, of Verona creates a tsunami of sound that crashes down all around the venue, sweeping the audience away in the pure pleasure of the moment.”
--The Examiner

“of Verona has quickly become a leading act to watch for.” -- KROQ

“Consistently delighting audiences with their enthusiastic performances, “take no prisoners” attitude, and contagious melodic rock, of Verona is set for fame.” -- BMI

“The White Apple introduces a brand of electro rock that is mesmerizing and simply put, addictive. Each track is an engaging imagination of what today’s music could and should be ... this is a must buy album.” - Stereo Subversion