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Nightmare of You rose out of the ashes of the Long Island punk revivalist band the Movielife. Ex-Movielife guitarist Brandon Reilly formed the melodic indie rock group in 2003 with a sound much more pop-oriented than his hardcore roots would initially suggest. Alongside vocalist/guitarist Reilly, Nightmare of You includes guitarist Joseph McCaffrey, bassist Ryan Heil, and drummer Sammy Siegler (ex-Rival Schools, Glassjaw). Finishing up tour dates with Head Automatica, the band released its self-titled debut on its own East West imprint, The Bevonshire Label, in fall 2005. Subsequent touring was completed with the likes of Men, Women & Children, Brandtson, and Rock Kills Kid before summer 2006 was spent playing alongside groups like AFI and Brand New. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, Rovi