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Official Site: | @nightsurgeonpdx
Night Surgeon is an electro-new wave duo hailing from rainy Portland, OR. Started in 2009 as a bedroom recording project by singer guitar player Patrick Replogle, Night Surgeon has since developed into a full fledged live act. Members Patrick Replogle and John Boyd met while attending Berklee School of Music in Boston and bonded over a mutual love of B-movies and experimental electronic music. The band released it’s debut album “Day for Night” in 2011 and gained national exposure in the blogosphere, earning the band plenty of press and radio play. In 2012, the group released the follow up to their debut album with a self-titled six song EP. This EP showcases the bands growth as songwriters and performers and provides a new direction musically for the band. The band continues to strive for the perfect balance between songwriting and aesthetics.