Indie Rock
We don't believe in guilty pleasures.

"Frontman Jack Tangney is full of energy—to say the least. He puts on a Mick Jagger-esque performance that is more than memorable. He delivers spot on vocals that are the icing on the cake for these radio-worthy tracks...Night Fevers is on the edge of blowing up, and you heard it here first…it’s just a matter of time for these guys." -

"Part of the pure fun of the show came from the band’s demeanor. Not only did Tangney exude joy throughout the set, but every member showed a constant smile... Not 15 minutes after the show ended the venue’s operations were interrupted by the NYPD, and was subsequently shut down for the night for an apparent problem of overcrowding – proving that there are times where you can almost bring too many fans to a show." -