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New Found Land is a young adult alternate history novel by John Christopher, the second in his Fireball series. It was first published in 1983. Plot summary: In the first novel, Fireball, Simon and Brad are cousins who are mysteriously transported to an alternate history Earth, where the Roman Empire did not break up and Europe remains in pre-Dark Ages technology. In an attempt to improve their status in the new realm, Simon and Brad aid the Church, which is oppressed, to launch a coup by introducing the stirrup and the longbow. The coup succeeds, but the boys did not anticipate the Church as a state power would force everyone in the Empire to convert or die. At the end of the first book, they sail away to the New World, which in the realm, was not discovered yet by the Old World. At the beginning of this novel, they managed to reach the American continent safely. They are received warmly enough by the native tribes in North America, but soon find themselves yearning for more advanced civilizations. Trekking across the continent, they head for the only civilization in America which has significant urban living - the Aztecs. As the Roman Empire has persisted in Europe of this realm until the 20th century due to unchanging externalities, the Aztec too has continued without encounters from the Europeans' discovery of the New World. In order to quickly gain wealth and status to enjoy a comfortable living, they take part in the sacred games, which is a cross between squash, tennis and handball. Their aim though is to finish second, as the victors will be sacrificed to the gods. Unfortunately, they win. To escape the fate of the winners, they escape again, and this time, are captured by sailors from the Far East. Their story continues in the last book of the trilogy, Dragon Dance. v, t, e, Books by John Christopher The Tripods series The White Mountains (1967), The City of Gold and Lead (1967), The Pool of Fire (1968), When the Tripods Came (1988), Sword of the Spirits trilogy The Prince in Waiting (1970), Beyond the Burning Lands (1971), The Sword of the Spirits (1972), The Fireball trilogy Fireball (1981), New Found Land (1983), Dragon Dance (1986), Other books The Twenty-Second Century (1954), The Year of the Comet (1955), The Death of Grass (1956), The Caves of Night (1958), A Scent of White Poppies (1959), The Long Voyage (1960), The World in Winter (1962), Cloud on Silver (1964), The Possessors (1964), A Wrinkle in the Skin (1965), The Little People (1967), Pendulum (1968), The Lotus Caves (1969), The Guardians (1970), Dom and Va (1973), Wild Jack (1974), Empty World (1977), A Dusk of Demons (1993), Bad Dream (2003)

Source: Wikipedia

Text from this biography licensed under creative commons license