Indie Rock
Inspired by acts such as Deerhunter, Phoenix, and Washed Out, National Skyline dabble in atmospheric territory. Multi-layered guitars and synths swirl around spirited vocal tracks, creating a stunning arc of sound. Early influences such as The Cure, Coldplay and The Smiths seep in to the mix as well, creating a bold, yet personal music about yearning, doubt, and wonder.

Hailing from Los Angeles, National Skyline mastermind Jeff Garber has been quietly making his presence known over the past five years. With the release of 2009’s epic Bliss & Death, Garber drew the attention of several key figures at MTV. The self-released album had several television-worthy songs featured on shows such as The Hills, Jersey Shore, and Teen Mom.

Garber plays all the instruments in National Skyline, and writes and records the music in a small studio in Los Angeles. Growing up in a musical household helped Garber become confident on drums at the age of five. After drumming for several years, he picked up guitar and bass as a teen. After moving to Los Angeles in 2001, Garber was a co-founder of the band Year Of The Rabbit. Singed to Elektra Records in 2003, Year Of The Rabbit self-recorded the debut album. Garber learned engineering and producing chops from the band’s lead singer/producer Ken Andrews. An industry stalwart, Andrews showed Garber the ropes, and that knowledge and experience helped Garber achieve the sonic quality needed to produce cues.

While taking on all of the jobs isn’t always easy, Garber enjoys the comfort of working in a home studio. Many National Skyline songs begin on acoustic guitar and make several detours before crossing the finish line. Creating a virtual wall of sound where each brick is meticulously placed, National Skyline create a luscious soundscape all its own.