Monster, Wen Shang-Yi (Chinese: 溫尚翊; pinyin: Wēn Shàngyì; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Un Siōng-e̍k) born on 28 November 1976, in Hsinchu, Taiwan, is one of the two guitarists and leader of the Taiwanese rock band, Mayday. Monster became interested in music and the guitar while studying at The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan (師大附中) where he also met three other Mayday members Ashin, Stone and Masa. He later became vice-president of the guitar society in high school and president of the Rock and Roll society at National Taiwan University during his university days. An accomplished guitarist, he has also dabbled in album production, producing albums for Fish Leong, Champion and Ding Dang.

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