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Official Site: | @MissMollyMoore
Hey there! My name is Molly and I'm 20 years young (though most of the time I feel 45). I hail from right outside New York City in a suburb called Hastings-on-Hudson, and recently made the move to Los Angeles. Growing up I had about 12 different diaries (I still have all of them. My favorites are my milky pen diary & the little white one with the gold lock & key). I spent the majority of my adolescence filling them with nonsensical poetry, the occasional angst-ridden journal entry if I was in trouble, and stick-figure pictures of Britney Spears and my older sister, Lucy. I would write in the journals while listening to my favorite CD's on my Walkman (remember those?!). This obsession with poetry turned into songwriting when my father taught me how to play guitar at 10. There was no turning back after that. I am in love with what I do and thankful for every soul that has given me the opportunities I have had thus far. I run on caffeine, love acting in film & tv, commercials, and musical theater, have a major obsession with vampires (specifically Eric Northman from True Blood), enjoy horror films, roller coasters, the ocean, talking about ghosts, and pretty much anything that scares me. I say what's on my mind, except for when I don't, and that's when the BEST songs are written. ;)

I love traveling. What I love even more is traveling to make music. So far, I've made music in New York, Georgia, Connecticut, New Jersey, and California... but this list is growing quickly! My guitar has been permanently glued to my back which makes sleeping a little difficult, but I'm an insomniac anyway.

I am so, so thankful for the people that support me and my music. It has been a wonderful journey with you all so far and I'm really stoked for what's to come.

You can follow my rants on Twitter at @reply me,
I love turning strangers into friends.

I hope to meet you all at a show soon, so come out and say hi!