MMC may stand for: In business: Mail.com Media Corp., former name of the US digital media company PMC, Marsh & McLennan Companies, an American-based global professional services firm, MinuteMen Creatives, the first student-led advertising agency, Material Móvil y Construcciones (MMC), a predecessor company to Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles, MMC Corporation Berhad, a Malaysian investment holding company, Monopolies and Mergers Commission, the former name of the British Competition Commission, My Major Company, a fan-funded music label based in the United Kingdom and France, Master Municipal Clerk, a certification in the US for a Municipal Clerk, In computing: Memory management controller, a special series of microprocessors designed to expand the capabilities of certain games for the Nintendo Entertainment System., Microsoft Management Console, a framework for system administration tools in modern Microsoft Windows operating systems, MIDI Machine Control, part of the MIDI specification, Mobile-to-mobile convergence, is a technology used to handle wireless traffic in telephony and computer networks, MultiMediaCard, a solid state disk or flash memory data storage device, MultiMedia Commands, a multimedia command set for computer storage buses, MultiMedia controller, such as the eMMC, see controller (computing), In education: Martin Methodist College, a private, liberal arts college located in Pulaski, Tennessee, U.S., Marymount Manhattan College, a liberal arts college located in Manhattan, U.S., Miles Macdonell Collegiate, a high school in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Regarding hospitals and medical colleges: Mackay Medical College, a medical college in New Taipei City, Taiwan, Madras Medical College, a medical college in Madras, India, Maine Medical Center, a hospital in Portland, Maine, U.S., Meharry Medical College, a medical college in North Nashville, Tennessee, U.S., Memorial Medical Center (Springfield, Illinois), a hospital in Springfield, Illinois, U.S., MetroWest Medical Center, a teaching hospital in Framingham, Massachusetts, U.S., Monash Medical Centre, a major tertiary hospital in Clayton, Victoria, Australia, Montefiore Medical Center, a hospital in the Bronx, New York, U.S., Muhammad Medical College, a medical college in Mirpurkhas, Sindh, Pakistan, Mymensingh Medical College, a medical college in Mymensingh, Bangladesh, In medicine: Mitomycin C, a DNA crosslinker used in cancer treatment as an anti-tumour antibiotic chemotherapeutic agent, Migrating motor complex, cleaning reflex of the gastrointestinal tract, Modernising Medical Careers, covering the changes to post-graduate medical training in the United Kingdom, The Marine Mammal Center, a premier institution for marine mammal research and medicine, Myelomeningocele, a kind of Spina bifida congenital defect of the spine., Medical Male Circumcision, In transport: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, a Japanese automobile company, Moore Market Complex, a terminus in Chennai, India, Morris Motors LImited, a former British car manufacturing company, Minor model change, another term for Facelift (automotive), In other usages: Member of the Magic Circle, initials used after one's name to denote membership to The Magic Circle, Manang Marsyangdi Club, a leading football club in Nepal, Maximum Material Condition, Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, Member of Municipal Council, a member of municipal councils in Sri Lanka, Merchant Mariner Credential, a professional qualification document for those in the maritime industry, Metal matrix composite, a type of composite material with at least two constituent parts, one being a metal, 4-MMC (4-Methylmethcathinone), a stimulant drug, Mickey Mouse Club, a long-running American variety television series, Mini Magellanic Cloud, a separated section of the Small Magellanic Cloud galaxy, The Roman numerals for 2100, Moving Micro Cross, a cartridge type developed by Bang & Olufsen, Multi-member constituency, part of an election system., Museum Management and Curatorship, a journal

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