“Hip Hops Mistress” - Miscelanyus
The journey to Miscelanyus debut album . Born and raised in Norfolk, VA, “Miscelanyus” started her musical career in her early teens inspired by artists such as Loren Hill. The R&B, Hip Hop, Rap mix is fast becoming her trademark. With the release of this album, Miscelanyus stock just got stronger. Kenny Kenny and Gage collaboration Both Of You shows off her ability to put together concepts in her lyrics. Miscelanyus excellent composition I Had Enough both provided a handsome entrée for an album that builds impressively on her personal signature.

Album Reviews MTV Music Supervisor Jen Schwartz – " I LOVE them by the way!" referring to the tracks she solicited for MTV fall schedule. When a female MC jumps in the ring, there’s an unspoken pressure to come hard, wiping the smirks off male faces with a well-crafted verbal slap. It’s still a boy’s club, after all, and proving yourself sometimes means sucker punching the biggest and baddest guy in the room. Virginia MC Miscelanyus knows the drill, and delivers blow after blow right out of the gate. On “Intro” she spits scathing lines like, “You bitches Anne Frank, my Nazi flow is killing this,” and “Married to the mic and the money, I’m a bigamist.” Filthy, raw and sharp, you find yourself grinning in delight the further she goes into the gutter. But being a successful MC doesn’t mean subjugating all your femininity. The ballad “Studio Love” uses a recording session as a metaphor for romantic interludes. It’s kind of silly, yes, but chances are you’ll still have a good time. But the most fun to be had comes with “Lights, Camera, Action.” The clomping, jerking beat and vintage ‘80s synths are edgy and cool enough for a Missy Elliott track. But she’ll have to fight Miscelanyus for them, and we wouldn’t advise it. Girl has some mean hooks. by Kate B. (Our Stage Fight Club)