Ming Tea is a faux retro-modband consisting of: Mike Myers (as Austin Powers, lead vocals, guitar), Susanna Hoffs (as Gillian Shagwell, lead guitar and backing vocals), Matthew Sweet (as Sid Belvedere, bass and backing vocals), Stuart Johnson (as Manny Stixman, drums and backing vocals), Christopher Ward (as Trevor Aigburth, guitar and backing vocals), Myers formed the band with Sweet and Hoffs following his Saturday Night Live stint in the early 1990s. The members all adopted 1960s personas and performed under pseudonyms, with Myers creating the character of Austin Powers. Myers' then wife Robin Ruzan encouraged him to write a film based on the character. He then wrote Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, which was directed by Hoffs' husband Jay Roach. The band performed the song "BBC" for the ending credits of the movie Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, as well as the song "Daddy Wasn't There", which Myers' character Austin Powers sings in Austin Powers in Goldmember. Both songs appear in their respective movie soundtracks. After their collaboration in Ming Tea, Sweet and Hoffs continued to work together, recording three albums. Under the Covers, Vol. 1, Under the Covers, Vol. 2, and Under the Covers, Vol. 3 consist of some of the duos' favorite classic rock songs. In this format they have been known by the pseudonyms Sid and Suzie. In one reply to a fan's question about Ming Tea in The Bangles Fan Mail page, Susanna Hoffs states that "We got the name Ming Tea from a very obscure 1960's Italian movie starring Ursula Andress." The film in question is The 10th Victim, which features the fictional Ming Tea Company.

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