Born Mark Williams Jr. in the Bronx, New York in the early 80’s, Mickey knew hip-hop and street art before much else. Residing in the capitol of the universe can be tasking for a person of any age or creed, yet, Mickey found opportunity, he found love. His paintbrush spread acrylic on canvas and ink between the lines. Art and music were nearly inseparable.

Fast forward through high school. Move into the NYU Legal Studies program, then drop out. Why drop out of a prestigious university like NYU? Art.

Deciding to take the road only traveled in dreams and aspirations, Mickey has since released a flurry of free mixtapes, including the critically acclaimed Heaven’s Fallout (2007) and Mickey MauSe (2012). He’s been featured on the covers of major publications, toured the world, and continued refining his art.

Being an artist is a journey. To some, simply being on this journey is enough. Being strong enough to walk along this path can be considered an achievement.

This winter, Mickey invites the world to join him on his path.

He hasn’t stopped creating. He can’t. The walls of his Manhattan apartment are proof enough.

If achievements are the result of hard work, then this debut album is Mickey’s prodigal son-esque return to hip-hop. He isn’t coming empty handed and broken, though. He has a fucking masterpiece he’s waiting to hang in your mind’s gallery.