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Official Site: | @MichaelTMoreno
Michael T Moreno was born on February 3, 1990 in Park Slope; Located in Brooklyn, New York. He had been active musically since the age of eleven, but began his musical career at the age of sixteen, having published his first album under the band name ":Drive". Continuing his work, Moreno has actively published over Thirty albums under six different artist names between the years 2006-2013; reportedly publishing two-four albums a year.

In 2006, Moreno founded an indie startup called "CraftyCreations Studios." in order to publish his works. The company evolved throughout the years, and doing so the name changed; in 2010 Moreno changed the company name to "CreateOCon Studios.", which he began publishing projects beyond the musical medium. In 2011, Moreno Branched a separate independent music label from CreateOCon Studios to better focus traffic and organize his projects; the label was named "ModestBot Records." The first band project published under the label was "Fountain". A minor side project know as "HypnoBuni" was also published under the label.

As of 2013, Moreno holds licensed works under the names:

:Drive (15 albums)
Ellix (1 album)
Zero-One (6 albums)
HypnoBuni (1 album)
Fountain (2 albums)
Michael T Moreno (6 albums)