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Michael Shelly is a 20-year-old universal talent from Bonita Springs, Florida. Though seemingly fresh on the scene, Michael has already set new trends in the Orlando area as a fusion-recording artist. He combines electro hip-hop, pop,punk, and R&B together for an alluring new sound. Born January 2, 1993 in Naples, Florida, Michael’s life began with a struggle, born premature as a result of cocaine abuse. Michael overcame the odds with the care of a loving foster family, that later adopted him at the age of two. Michael was raised in a large and diverse family setting, which allowed him to explore a wide range of activities. Michael’s family helped to instill self-confidence and encouraged his individuality. Michael was deeply influenced by his mother’s love of music and dance, while his father inspired him to work hard and stay focused on his goals. Michael began producing music as early as the eighth grade, influenced by a variety of Hip-Hop icons, including: The Dream, Lupe Fiasco, Wale, Pharrell, Kanye West,Wiz Khalifa, and B.O.B. Through producing music, Michael’s hopes of success as a rapper, producer, and entertainer were etched in stone. Wanting to improve his technical ability, Michael applied to The F.I.R.S.T School of Recording Arts, in Orlando, Florida. Michael refers to his fans as “Pilots” of his movement #FlighClub because as they interact with Michael Shelly's unique sound, they are taken on a musical flight controlled by their own emotion. This allows Michael and his fans to relate on a level unlike any other artist today.