26 year old Magician Michael Collins is here to stay! Realizing his unique talent at a young age, Michael began doing shows... and lots of them! "I knew from a young age that I was born to rock a crowd!", said Michael. In 2003, the largest magic society in the US, The Society of American Magicians took note of the young performer's skill and dedication. They awarded Michael with a full ride scholarship to New York City to attend a week at a prestigious magic camp to learn from the world's best. "I came back from New York a different person. From then on, I was 24/7 magic.", recalls Collins. Within the first few months of getting his driver's license, Michael was already driving blindfolded on television. An ambitious feat for a 16 year old and years before it became popular on many magic specials. The very next year, Michael completed his first national magic tour. After such a young start, the 26 year old has a unique outlook on how he presents his magic. "The boxes, tigers, assistants- it's so cliché, mainly the boxes. I have separated myself from the stereotypical magician and give the audience what they want in a new way. I keep the show modern, relatable and different. I invented my own genre of magic about 5 years ago. It's called Rogue Magic and people seem to love the direction I am taking things. It's time to make magic cool again." These days you can catch Michael performing every chance he gets. From comedy clubs to live radio magic to secret projects, Michael Collins continues to push the envelope into the future!