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A meme is a term referring to a unit of cultural information transferable from one mind to another. Meme, or MEME, may also refer to: Meme - the original concept proposed by Richard Dawkins, The Many Dream Journeys of Meme, a 1983 science-themed educational series starring a "meme" who inhabits computer networks, Internet meme, a meme or fad that spreads quickly through the Internet, Yahoo! Meme, a microblogging site launched by Yahoo! Inc. in August 2009, similar to Twitter, Meme (department), a division of the Southwest province in Cameroon, Meme (Milosh album), a 2006 album by Milosh, Meme (Rurutia album), a 2005 album by Rurutia, Meme, Mingin, Burma, "Meme", the second expansion pack available for Metal Gear Online, David Meme, English musician, Meme Stoica, Romanian Football Club manager, Multiple EM for Motif Elicitation (MEME), a motif discovery and search system in Bioinformatics, Teme (philosophy) Technological-meme

Source: Wikipedia

Text from this biography licensed under creative commons license