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Official Site: | @Meaku
Chibuike Franklyn Omeaku, better known as Meaku, is a Nigerian American Pop/R&B Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Model, Humanitarian, and Philanthropist. Meaku was born and raised in Inglewood, CA, to Cyriacus Omeaku Sr. and Margaret Ngozi Omeaku. Along with his 3 brothers, Meaku was raised in a very spiritual home, where they were taught unconditional love, family values, and the value of education. Growing up was not always easy for Meaku being Nigerian American. As a child he was made fun of on daily occasions. His peers had a blast calling him names and letting him know which African animals he nested in his backyard. Often times, he wondered if he was full American, would he have to face as much degradation? Events like this would be damaging to an ordinary person, especially a child, but Meaku was no ordinary person, he was extraordinary. He learned to embrace his culture, diffuse that energy, and channel it into what later grew to become his passion.
Meaku was only 8 years old when he realized his vocal gift, he had the voice of an angel. He entered his very first talent show as lead singer at St. Michael's Elementary school in Los Angeles, CA, where he and his group took the 1st place position. At the age of 11, he wrote his very first song titled "I've got love for that". Meaku took a keen interest in wanting to learn how to write music, so he took to his Jon b "Cool Relax" album. From there, he wrote down the lyrics to a few of his favorite songs and studied them top to bottom from delivery, vocal dexterity, to wordplay, and ranges. At the age of 13, he went through a drastic change, which we the world know as "puberty." Through the transformation, his voice grew much deeper, and he no longer had the same high pitched voice. Still determined to sing, he sang lead at a Christmas show, hosted by his high school choir. He was made fun of by his friends due to his disdained voice, and unearthly determination. His voice went untrained throughout high school as he focused on his studies, football, and track. Regardless of the transition, he continued to study lyrics and arrangements.
After high school, he attended a local community college, and decided to major in Journalism. Through Journalism, Meaku enhanced his skill of writing. He wrote poetry, unpublished articles, speeches, essays, and songs. Realizing there was so much in the world for him to learn, he switched his major two more times to criminal law, and business management. His parent's dream for him was to become a lawyer. While he felt in his heart that wasn't enough for him, he decided to put school on hold for a bit, explore other things, and work at the LAX airport for a company called TSA. Six months in, he met a friend who knew of his musical abilities. That friend introduced him to another friend who owned a publishing company for songwriters and producers. It was through that company that Meaku would go on to meet his now very close friend L.V., Grammy Award Winner for Gangster's Paradise with Coolio. He was assigned to a project that happened to be L.V.'s. All it took was one song for L.V. to see the "Star Power" in him. The Publishing company ended up folding, and Meaku never saw a dime from the records he wrote for them, but he saw beyond the currency, realizing bigger things were in store for him. L.V. decided to take Meaku under his wing, help train him vocally, and teach him about the music industry. During this time, Meaku was still working at TSA. He had a demo album recorded, and decided to play it for a few of his co-workers. While everyone enjoyed the music, it was an elder co-worker that inspired Meaku. The co-worker was an ex-rapper who was close to his breakthrough, but because of the lack of support and ambition, he decided to give it all up. Meaku, determined not to follow in his footsteps, decided TSA was holding him back from achieving his dream. Nine months in, he left TSA and never looked back. The transition was a tough one for Meaku. He was used to receiving paychecks every other week, and because of it, he reverted his focus towards other things. For a few months, Meaku almost got involved in a
lifestyle that could have easily landed him in jail, or dead, but in 2007, something amazing happened that changed his life forever, his daughter was born. Symphony Kelechi Omeaku was the spark that caused Meaku to settle down and focus on amplifying the gifts that God had given him. He named her Kelechi, meaning "Thank God", because he knew the moment she was born, he was saved from going down the wrong path. He became focused with conviction, and convinced his parents to support his dream. He attended Sound Master Recording Engineering School (Now Pinnacle College), and graduated in 2008. That is where he acquired the skills of recording, mixing, and producing music.
Through this experience, Meaku has grown more humble, peaceful, sagacious, caring, and loving to everything and everyone around him. It has taught him to embrace every single situation that he will go through in life. He has gone through negative situations that most people would have handled drastically, but he takes them and fuels them into love through his music. He lives by a quote that the legendary Michael Jackson embodied, “If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.” Following the horrific natural disaster in Japan 2011, Meaku composed a tribute piece entitled "Stronger", a song used to uplift those affected by the tsunami, in which he collaborated with Joint One Radio in Japan donating all the proceeds to charity. He was also featured on MTV Base Africa's "Choose or Lose" Campaign, where he sang the chorus on "Rep 4 Naija" with top Nigerian Artists. The song was geared towards encouraging the youth in Nigeria to vote, and show them that their voices counted toward building a greater Nigeria. In 2012, Meaku's love for the youth enabled him to become an Ambassador for iStandAbove, an Organization based in Ghana, geared towards helping the youth to achieve their goals through the skills of Teamwork, Hardwork, and Creativity.
Enriched with so much style, Meaku's musical influences are drawn from the arts of Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Stevie Wonder, Rodney Jerkins, Quincy Jones, Sean Garret, Daft Punk, Joe, R. Kelly, Ryan Leslie, Donnell Jones, Tank, Harvey Mason, Damon Thomas, Steve Russell, James Fauntleroy, Femi Ojetunde, David Guetta, David 'GX' Kirkwood, Brandy, and Boyz II Men. Meaku now owns his own studio in Inglewood, California where he has recorded all of his work, as well as other artists. Meaku has worked with the likes of L.V., Cash Money Recording Artist Glasses Malone, Cali Swag District (Teach Me how to Dougie) Sony Recording Artist Tah Mac, Son of Hip Hop Mogul Rev Run Jojo Simmons, International Artist Dbanj, lead singer from Troop and writer from The Underdogs Steve Russell, Rapper Cobe Obeah, Producers GX, Andrew Ugalde, Uche Ndupu, Ejay Newton, and Hitimpulse. Meaku Executive Produced L.V.'s album "Still L.V." released in Japan August 21, 2012, in which he influenced the sound. Meaku's album is scheduled for release Summer 2013, and will feature a number of big names in today's industry.
Meaku feels if one lives a life of love, patience, faith, humility, integrity, determination and loyalty, a lifetime of blessings will follow. "Through faith and determination, we can accomplish anything, through love we can spread peace and joy, Love is real," A mantra that has empowered Meaku to become the altruistically acclaimed artist he is destined to be. His views and understanding of life have allowed him to flourish, and combined with his many gifts and talents, makes him a definite force to be reckoned with. THE EVOLUTION OF MEAKU IS HERE.