Max Blanco ( Massimo Damiano , Milan ( Italy ) May 19, 1973) is an Italian singer and composer of the modern " Latin sound ". From his early years, Max Blanco has dedicated his life to music. He started to study music at 8 in a suburban area of a city of South Italy . His artistic career began early , as a prodigy musician in a local banc " The True Lovers " , where he started to compose simple pop song never edited. In 1988 he begins to work in different music club in Milano as a guitarist. In the 1990 , his first Pop Album . I In just two years he creats two pop album ever edited. In 1990 he joined the world of Caribbean dance that will indicate the true direction of his talent . Years of hard studios and competitions. In 1998 he conquests the '8th place at the National Dance Competitions. In 2002 he began working with Rodolfo Guerra ( Peru ), one of the greatest Master of Latin Music in Italy, as a corist singer. Here is . the return to the sing , that led him to compose his first album in 2012 Latin : "Habla Conmigo ".. the story of his last two love stories in terms of bachata and salsa. Texts, melodies and executive producer are his excluse propierty. Arranging and music production are of the great Rodolfo Guerra