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Urmy had been trying to keep track of things...

...on tour he was playing nearly a hundred shows a year, across the East Coast and to Chicago and back, while holding down a day job in Nashville — but his car’s glovebox was a mess of expense receipts, he’d forget other expenditures altogether, he’d lost scraps of paper on which he’d scribbled important contacts. After getting some tough love from a local manager friend about the importance of tending to his career as a business, Urmy became convinced he needed a tool to help him and other musicians manage their day-to-day operations.

One year of brainstorming, investor-wooing and product development later, Urmy unveiled Artist Growth, a cloud-based mobile app that lets artists keep track of finances, inventory, tour schedules, promotions and just about every other aspect of running a band — “a virtual Swiss Army knife” for up-and-coming musicians, as Business Insider put it.

Now, a year-and-a-half after its signature app hit the market, Urmy’s is expanding the product line to cater to other facets of the music business — and to whole other industries. And while Urmy’s botched management meeting may have been the most direct catalyst for Artist Growth, a series of fortuitous, perspective-lending events in his life – from being taken in by Polynesian “healers” to falling into a data-analyst job — had long been fostering the rare combination of artistic creativity and business acumen he’s parlayed into a role as a tech entrepreneur.

Now in his mid 30's, he’s equal parts whimsical artist and chief executive — someone who’s releasing an album of offbeat Americana and who talks about a year in terms of fiscal quarters, whose arms are cryptically tattooed and who tosses off corporate lingo like “verticals.”