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Official Site: | @MalditoShockYou
Born & raised in Quebec City, William Hennessey Poulin alias Maldito started playing a two-stringed guitar at the age of 11. A little later, he began composing his own songs, inspired by images in his head. Since then he has never looked back. During his teen years, he was part of several rock/hardcore/metal bands. He began a solo career at 18 with a piano and a guitar. An amazing Singer-songwriter, Maldito's universe has no limits and he is way beyond the barriers of a single musical style.

Maldito has always been highly influenced by all kinds of music: Classical, Metal, Hardcore, and Hip-Hop. But he would often listen and analyse the beauty of Coldplay and Ludovico Einaudi. Having accomplished most of his music and art without really getting it out to be heard and seen in any way, Maldito finally decided in 2007 to motivate himself in truly creating something that would bring him to his dream.

Associated with Higher Reign Studios and his label Higher Reign Music Group, Maldito will release his first album, The Indigo Kid, available in late 2012. This LP will contain every aspect of his musical influences. With more than three years of perseverance, motivation and willingness, Maldito is aiming for the top. Armed with the support of an early fan base, his album will hit strong. Go check on your friend’s iPod... Maldito might be there.