Maduro is the main recording alias of American electronic musician Dave B whose work has blended multiple music genres - dark world fusion, breakbeats, dubstep, breakcore, industrial techno, ambient, instrumental hip hop, musique concrète, etc. His music has been popularized by the belly dance community and he is signed with Octofoil Records and Freitag Limited. Maduro has appeared on compilations with DJ Miss Kitten, Amon Tobin, Venetian Snares, Bassnectar, Beirut, Balkan Beat Box, Nouvelle Vague, and Muslimgauze. Maduro has also released albums as Teleoptyk, Darkened, and Luminous Dials. Maduro's early releases (2002-2004) were limited dark electro CDRs recorded all live on hardware synths and sequencers. In 2005 he adopted world fusion influences after his friends ran out of new music to dance to. He was quickly signed to Eventide Music Productions (EMP) from Los Angeles, who released "Shimmer Sustain" (2006) and Juno Wakes (2007). Maduro then started Octofoil Records as a vehicle to release further work while promoting other dark world fusion and electronic artists. His work Fin de Siecle ("end of the century" in French) has been praised as a "steampunk" release as it was recorded with early 1900 Thomas Edison phonograph cylinder samples, broken organ grinders, and samples of French subways. In an interview with German magazine Hagalla, Maduro states that it was not his intention to create a steampunk album rather an album with period carnivalesque sounds. Other albums such as "Siege" and "Your Devices" mixed found sounds with breakcore progressions and dubstep. The 2011 album "Black Magic Kingdom" used street samples of broken jazz and tarot readings taken from New Orleans. Bob Duskas owner of Six Degrees Records stated "If you ever wondered what Trent Reznor might sound like if he incorporated global sounds into his musical palette, you may want to delve deeper into Maduro's repertoire." In 2013, Maduro signed with UK-based underground techno label Freitag Limited to release industrial techno, starting with his "Fisticuffs" EP (2013).

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