Goth Rock
Love Spirals Downwards was begun in the late 80’s by multi-instrumentalist and producer, Ryan Lum, but didn’t truly take flight until the addition of then-girlfriend, Suzanne Perry, as vocalist in 1991. Two of their demo tracks (“Mediterranea” and “Forgo”) were featured on the From Across this Grey Land 3 compilation, garnering international attention from fans and critics alike, and sparking their career as one of Projekt Records’ most successful artists to date.

Over their 8 year history, Love Spirals Downwards released four 10,000+ selling albums; Idylls (1992), Ardor (1994), Ever (1996), and Flux (1998), plus 1 single, Sideways Forest (1996), and 1 retrospective collection Temporal: A Collection of Music Past & Present (2000), incorporating the styles of Ethereal, Shoegazer, Folk, World, Ambient, and Electronica to create a Dream Pop sound uniquely their own.