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Love & Death is an EP by Finnish heavy metal band Sentenced. It was recorded and mixed at Tico-Tico studios in March and July 1995, and was engineered by Ahti Kortelainen. It is also the last release to feature bassist/vocalist Taneli Jarva. Track listing: No. Title Lyrics Music Length 1. "The Way I Wanna Go" Taneli Jarva Miika Tenkula 4:13 2. "Obsession" Jarva Jarva 5:25 3. "Dreamlands" Jarva Tenkula 4:50 4. "White Wedding (Billy Idol cover)" Billy Idol Idol 3:23 5. "Love and Death" Sami Lopakka Lopakka 3:24 Credits: Taneli Jarva - Vocals & Bass guitar, Miika Tenkula - Guitar, Sami Lopakka - Guitar, Vesa Ranta - Drums, v, t, e, Sentenced Ville Laihiala, Miika Tenkula, Sami Lopakka, Sami Kukkohovi, Vesa Ranta, Lari Kylmänen, Taneli Jarva, Studio albums Shadows of the Past (1991), North from Here (1993), Amok (1995), Down (1996), Frozen (1998), Crimson (2000), The Cold White Light (2002), The Funeral Album (2005), EPs The Trooper (1993), Love & Death (1995), DVDs Buried Alive (2 discs, 2006), Singles Killing Me Killing You (1999), No One There (2002), Routasydän (2003)* Ever-Frost (2005), Demos When Death Joins Us... (1990), Rotting Ways to Misery (1991), Journey to Pohjola (1992), Demo 1994 (1994), Videography Nepenthe (1994), Noose (1996), The Suicider (1998), Killing Me Killing You (1999), No One There (2002), Ever - Frost (2005), Despair - Ridden Hearts (2006),

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