Welcome To The Beautiful World Of Lorence Michaels Music, The Soulful Passionate & Gifted Artist, Music Comes Easily To Lorence Michaels, With Warm Notes Of Soulful Riffs & Soothing Oohs, His Sound Comes Directly From Heaven, A Quadrupple Threat, He Is A Natural Soul/R&B, Gospel & Reggae Artist Touched By The Heavens, & A Top Producer/Songwriter, With Hands That OOze Track After Track. Emotional Yet A Blessing To Hear Notes Of Blue & Red Purple & Pink Hints Of Low Mono Tones That Hides Through Each Of The Beautiful Notes & As The Colors Of The Rainbow, That Seem To make Love To each Other as He Hit High Notes Through The Lows & Mids Some Times You Think Its Four Different People Singing @ 1 Time, Its All Lorence Michaels. Lorence Michaels Has Traveled Through Time, His Vocals Reminds You Of Notes & Hints OF The Singers Of Old, Who Used No Auto Tune. Sit back Relax Welcome To The Island Of Lorence Michaels Music.